Cain & Linsey

Well! When the groom arrives in a helicopter you know you have to be creative in introducing that into the film. Cain and Linsey were married on the 16th November 2019 in Buckland Hall Brecon. A Brecon wedding venue that sadly we will no longer be able to shoot at as it will now be a private residence (alright for some eh?). Weddings in Brecon always guarantees great rolling hills and picturesque mountain landscapes so if you are looking for a wedding videographer in Brecon we are always happy to oblige!

We arrived in the morning during bridal prep and captured the essential details like the rings and the dress before the makeup started. Getting a beautiful wedding dress shot is something we put great focus into, this means we are always searching for the prettiest place to shoot the dress. 

Often you'll find us climbing up something or in the most awkward position to get the perfect shot. For this venue is the great stairs, we knew we had to shoot in there, luckily we bring all our own lights to give the dress the perfect shimmer. 

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First look with a family member can be an emotionally charged moment, the dad, granddad, mum or another family member seeing the bride for the first time can bring on floods of tears and emotion. 

No videographer can ask you to fake emotion, but what we can do is make sure we are positioning the shot in the best way. We set Linsey's dad up in the hallway for dramatic effect with Linsey walking into shot and tapping him on the shoulder. Dad turned around with a beaming smile!! Now that’s what we want!

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Now it was time to prepare for Cain's arrival by helicopter. We knew the take-off time in Cardiff and how long the helicopter should take to arrive in Brecon. What we didn't know is what direction they would come from. Cue me and the photographer standing out on the great lawn for 20 minutes anticipating the arrival. 

And there is was, the distant whirr of Helicopter blades bringing the groom to his wedding. As wedding transport goes this has to be the coolest out there.

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After waiting for the blades to stop we swung in for a shot, activating the slow Mo camera on our steady gimbal. Cain and Linseys's sons were both dressed as ring security operatives, a great way to include children in the wedding. They looked so cool in their suits and glasses; they really took on the role well. 

groom helicopter, groom arrives in helicopter,

Onto the ceremony, we positioned our cameras for vows and one at the back for groom's reaction. We love it when groom shows emotion seeing the bride for the first time and we got it with Cain! Groom reaction on point! Tears and raw emotion, with a helping hand from his best man giving a hand on the shoulder for support. 

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Straight after the ceremony we went back outside to release wedding doves. The heartfelt speech delivered by Lynne at Lovey Dovey dove release. It's always tricky capturing dove release as they are so fast, it doesn’t always give you time to focus. 

Straight onto confetti time. We love filming confetti shots and having confetti shots in our film, it's exciting and energetic to watch, especially seeing it in slow motion. 

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Now for the part we love: couples portraits, couples shots, call it what you will, this is the intimate time we get to spend with the couple, just them by themselves. When you have a wedding video with beautiful couple shots it really adds to the emotion of the film, you can see the love in their eyes, looking at their new married partner on the happiest day of their lives.

As always with our couple’s shots we don’t stage smiles, we don't stage laughs. Getting natural emotion in our wedding films is what we do. We chat to the couple, we tell jokes, and we make them feel relaxed, the more relaxed the couple are the more real their emotions will be. We had a great laugh at couple’s portrait, Cain & Linsey were together 10 years before getting married and you can totally tell! But that's what we love, people being themselves around us, not being fake. 

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Aaaaaand relax eat something, backup all the footage, prepare for speeches

It's time for speeches, groom speech, best man speech; everybody is anxious and excited to hear what they have to say. We believe speeches are where you get to learn about a couple and their story and the words that people say are important. Whether it is a funny best man speech, or a heartfelt best man speech we want to make sure we capture the audio perfectly, that’s why we always use our own mics because when we want to use that clip we want just the words not the background noise. 

Father of the bride speech: nailed it!! Funny whilst telling a story at the same time, some parents cry, some laugh, this was definitely a laughing father of the bride speech.

Groom's speech was spot on, thanked the right people, and said some beautiful things about his new bride and what she meant to him. 

Onto the evening which kicked off in style, a live stand-up show from Lee Evans impersonator Ian Jones who was superb. He dialled all of the mannerisms of Lee whilst putting his own spin of comedy on. Just as energetic and sweaty as the real thing.

Lee Evans Impersonator Ian Jones, wedding videographer Brecon

Finally the finale of the evening: the bride and groom first dance set to the ever popular Ed Sheeran, even though we knew the confetti cannon was coming it still made us jump but made for some great footage.

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It was a superb day, our last shoot at Buckland Hall: one of the nicest wedding venues in Brecon but we ended the day on a high with loads of energetic dancing. 

So that's it, that’s us. We are Props Studios, we are a Bridgend wedding videographer, but in this case we were a Brecon wedding videographer. We cover Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend, Newport, Usk, Bristol, or wherever we need to be. 

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Suppliers on the day:

Film: Props Studios Wedding Videographer South Wales

Photos: TJN Photography Cardiff: Newborn, wedding and portrait photographer

Decorators: Rosie Posie Wedding Decorators: Wedding decorators Pontypridd

Helicopter: Whizzard Helicopters Cardiff, Cardiff helicopter hire

Magician: Bryan Gunton Event Magician/ Wedding Magician

Entertainment: Ian Jones Lee Evans Impersonator

DJ: Pure Wedding DJ, Pure Wedding DJ's - Wales Multi Award Winning DJ Company

Dress: Laura May Bridal, Cardiff Bridal Shop